Reverse chronological dates in report builder

carolyn23 27-09-2012

I want to do a trend by date but when people open the report, I want the most current day on top.  Your tool doesn't allow to reverse the order.

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bige938007 23-05-2013
That's an interesting request that I think could be very simple to implement. We will consider it for the next major release of the tool. Thanks!
dan_grainger83 04-02-2014

I was just about to submit this request myself until I found this. This feature would be REALLY useful - I'm cuyrrently "spring cleaning"/ rebuilding some reports and it's really annoying that on occasions where reverse chronological order is useful I have to use RB to get the data, but then manipulate the order elsewhere. Please implement this feature!!

kumararajak 07-10-2019

Suppport this