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Restrict user groups from creating new workspace reports


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Description - Recently we shared a read-only workspace report for a critical application with our internal support team. The reason being so that they can monitor this application and proactively start looking into potential issues.  By sharing the report with them we had to share access to some analytics components. However, when testing the access it looks like the 'Create Project' option is still available in Workspace. Ideally this could be restricted on certain user groups so that new workspace reports cannot be created by that group. The reason we would like this feature is to avoid non-analytics developers from creating reports that may be misinterpreted. Ideally they are only able to view the reports we choose to grant access to without the ability to create new workspace reports.

Why is this feature important to you - Having this feature would help us ensure that workspace reports shared with stakeholders are truly read-only and so that we can restrict curation of analytics reports to developers only

How would you like the feature to work - in the admin console, add functionality to restrict user groups (or users) from being able to create new workspace reports when in analysis workspace

Current Behaviour - Currently users that are granted access to analysis workspace can create new workspace reports by default



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Good idea.


This is not an ideal solution but in our business, we get around this by using a mixture of report builder and Tableau. Not the perfect solution but one that can be considered.






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FYI - we implemented this in some capacity by doing something similar to what David suggested above, we used a PowerBI report to pull the elements we wanted from Adobe and then shared that BI with our support team. Would definitely still love to see this feature implemented though!



Ricky R