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Report Builder issues - Update Needed


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I, and several of our clients, have lately experienced trouble with the Report Builder.


Retrieving data

-          When I try to retrieve data in a new workbook I get a blank retrieval. All I can see is the change of name in the name box in the cell where I asked my data to be retrieved to.

-          In an already existing data sheet my request to refresh, simply clears all data.


Protected sheets:

-          When data is not retrieved or data is cleared from existing sheets, and I try to refresh my request, I get the feedback that the sheets are protected. When I unlock and try again, it still leaves the data sheet blank (it is the refresh button that seems to trigger the protection of the sheets)



Neither re-installing windows on the computer, or an update of the office package did solve the issues. I have contacted client care and they couldn't help.


In reality this issue means that I and several of our clients can't use the Report Builder.


Please update the Report Builder so these bugs are fixed.



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These are exactly the problems that make ARB a tool you can not trust and make it hard to use in a productive environment.


I have the same problem here with data refreshing (empty cells), but once I click "Referesh" again, the data will be displayed immediately. This should be fixed asap.


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Hello and thank you for your feedback. While I appreciate the difficulties you are experiencing with report builder, this forum is not the fastest way to address bugs with any product as the ideas here are used to plan more long term road maps. I would recommend you develop a consistent set of steps to reproduce the issues you are experiencing, then contact Client Care so the case can start to be handled immediately.


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Hi Eric_Hansen_PM,


Thank you for getting back to my post.


I have been in contact with Client Care, but that didn't solve anything. They just said that the settings were correct, and couldn't reproduce the same trouble from their side.


I've used the report builder for 3 years now and have only experienced this within the last 4-5 months. Before that, no problems at all.


I raised the issue in this forum to make Adobe aware that there are serious problems with the Report Builder for some users. I don't know if the issues are caused by windows, excel or another parameter, but it's there for alot of users.


BR/ Adam