Report Builder for Discover




I'm sure the answer is "all of the above," but are you more interested in this for the segmentation, or for the unlimited breakdowns, or something else?



All of the above, and then some. In addition to what you've included above, I'm interested in the ability to extract data on the fly, within a pre-formatted template.



Thanks, Lindsay. Two things, in follow-up (and anyone else who might be watching, feel free to chime in):


1. Hypothetically, let's say you had to choose between the ability to add segments to your Excel Client data blocks and the ability to include multiple breakdowns in your data blocks. Which would be higher priority?


2. Can you add some color around the "extract data on the fly" statement? Excel Client is currently all about extracting data on the fly. . . it's real-time and lets you run whatever queries you want. How does Discover functionality play into (or add to) that?



I would strongly second the call for a Discover version of the Excel client. When I build segmented reports and breakdowns in Discover I have to painfully copy paste or email one report at a time to myself to get it into excel. 


I would like to be able to build what I want in Discover with whatever segments/breakdowns date ranges and granularity I need but then in one foul swoop be able to get that into excel.  Possibly in the same way that one can create a data extract and then pull it into Excel in one go with OSC - could a similar thing be done with Discover? I would want to potentially be able to edit date ranges once in the excel environment and potentially schedule the data to refresh with floating date ranges etc.



YES! I am in need of the same thing. The way it is now is very time consuming and frustrating.