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Report Builder Filtering


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This is an enhancement request/suggestion for Report Builder.
Current tool allows filtering on either a list of actual values or the use of a logic statement to search for "Contains the phrase". The contains filter is very valuable in summing up all versions of a downloaded file containing the same phrase. But requires multiple queries if there is no common phrase in the downloaded file names. Having a large list makes this even worse.
Filtering using the cell reference approach allows you to search on a list of names. But, you must include all versions of the downloaded file name in the lists since you will not know which ones may have been on the web during the time frame set for the query. Additionally, you have to manually go in and sub total the versions of each piece of downloaded literature to provide a proper view into the downloads for that document.
Here is a very small example of a subset in a list of download file names we deal with:
  • SLOS436
  • SLOS436A
  • SLOS436B
  • SLAS672
  • SBAS438
  • SBAS438A
  • SZZA046

Boith of the approaches discussed above are inadequate when doing queries on hundreds or thousands of download file names.

The suggestion is to have the capability in Report Builder to do a query that combines these two types of queries into one. As an example for the above the query would be "If any criteria is met" for "Contains the phrase" and then the arguments would be a list of cells referenced in the spreadsheet. For the above example the list of arguments would be reduced to:
    • SLOS436
    • SLAS672
    • SBAS438
    • SZZA046

And the search would be essentially the same as adding separate queries for:

  • Contains the phrase: SLOS436
  • or Contains the phrase: SLAS672
  • or Contains the phrase: SBAS438
  • or Contains the phrase: SZZA046

This will allow you to maintain a large list of phrases and then just create one query that uses the list as a reference.