Report Builder: Ability to export/publish a dashboard from excel to web

Peter_Howe 26-08-2013

Report Builder is a great solution to easily bring SiteCatalyst data directly into Microsoft Excel.

Excel allows to create interactive dashboard but for its nature it is not ideal for multi-user data sharing.

It could be a great improvement to add a "Publish & Share" functionality that export excel dashboard into web dashboard maintaining interactivity (HTML5/jQuery).

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bige938007 27-08-2013
We are considering the best approach to surfacing this data in a web-based dashboard-like format. Currently, we have plans to surface static data from Excel into the Adobe Marketing Cloud boards and feeds and eventually will include dynamic data.
kumararajak 22-07-2019

Dear Peter Howe

This can be done through Power BI

Refer the below


Kumararaja K