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Remove Metric Column "x" in SiteCatalyst Reports


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Often times, I have numerous metrics in an eVar or Traffic reoprt and I want to remove one or more of them.  It is annoying that you have to go to Add Metrics, Find it, Remove it and then save.  Why not just put an "x" or something similar in the column heading so you can just remove with one click?






We love this idea. Definitely considering it for a future release of SiteCatalyst. Thanks for sharing it, and thank to all who have voted. Keep voting so we continue to get a clearer picture of how important it is to you!


Employee Advisor


In standard reporting, metrics can now easily be added or removed by clicking on the check boxes in the metrics panel on the left. No more 'Add Metrics' popup window.


In Analysis Workspace, true one-click metric removal is implemented - just click the 'X' in the upper right of the metric in question.