RegEx Support in filters

mitchell_teixei 17-02-2010

It would be very helpful if Regular Expressions were supported in Filters/Advanced Filters.  The value of the filter function is severely reduced without RegEx support.

To continue on the same train of thought, it would be great if it were possible to save filters once they've been updated on bookmarked reports.  I find myself re-bookmarking reports after adding an extra filter parameter or two. If I miss re-bookmarking, then I need to re-add the new filter parameters next time I view the report.

Thanks for your consideration of my input!

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RobertBlakeley 21-02-2010

This is on my list as well. The current advanced filter does cover the bulk of our use cases (we're good at naming conventions). However, sometimes it falls short. While RegEx will be beyond may users, it will be useful for people who know it to have the option just a check box away.

nwood43412 23-05-2010

One of the team (Rajneesh Gautam) sent me the following idea:


While creating segments (filters) in Omniture, the only options we get are:

Contains all of

Contains any of

Contains None of

Contains exactly


This limits our capability of searching more complex strings in the values. For instance, I wanted to search all the page titles on shop which contain “- buy the” string. I couldn’t simple search for ‘- buy the” as many other sites have such patterns. With a regular expression or wild card availability, I could simple write this as “sho”*- buy the*”. Though it’s not a regular expression but can easily be converted into one.


Regular expressions will allow us to group multiple elements like pages, URLs and other variable-values. These will also allow us to search  for elements with strings following multiple conditions, for instance, in eShop, we may want to group all Phone pages with following conditions:

  1. All phone details pages have “- buy the” in their titles\
  2. All phones page has title “Browse Full range of….”


Now there’s no direct way to group these pages unless we use regular expressions. Hope this helps.


I think this is a great idea and hope we get some weight behind this to get it voted further up the list of Discover features!

jkammerath 30-05-2010

When grouping pages there should also be the possibility to use such filters!

pauls26394630 11-06-2010

This one would be absolutely awesome. So many new analyses would be possible

luckydad24 13-07-2010

If you're going to change it, might as well go all the way with regular expressions. But only having contains/doesn't contain is a major bummer.


At least give us "equals".


Example - filtering out referring domains in a report - say we ran a bird website and wanted to know all the referrers from If I want to see traffic from just I create a filter for contains "". But I get:


etc. because they all "contain"


Thanks Mitchell for suggesting, to everyone else for promoting/voting, and to Omniture for the opportunity to provide input.

jaydge 08-11-2010

Yes, regexes as page filter would be brilliant!

miikka 08-12-2010

I definitely agree with this one! Please give us possibility to match exact phrases, like "luckydad"'s example above.

timr98608316 01-06-2011

Massive like!  Having only 'Contains / Does not contain' is very restrictive.

eddie_miller11 25-04-2014

Ability to find certain exact partial matches.

example, find "to" only and not bring up tomorrow.

in reports, discover and data warehouse.

jacob_catt 28-04-2014

Couldnt agree more. GA free has it!