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RegEx for processing rules


Level 4


You should let us be able to use Regex for setting up conditions for processing rules. We have dynamic URL's and this would make it much easier to to have the rules run correctly.



Level 1


Within the interface for Processing Rules, it would be great to allow regex conditional statements instead of just the generic ones currently available (contains, equals, does not contain, etc.)




We've considered this many times, but have found that a full regex engine could add processing delays. Is it fair to say that the key points of regex are the following?


  • Match a pattern, including wildcards, number and alpha-character matching
  • Replace some portion of the string with something
  • Extract a portion of the stirng for use elsewhere


Employee Advisor


I'd say it'd be super helpful for IP-based processing rules (a la http://ideas.omniture.com/t5/Idea-Exchange-for-Adobe/Add-Regular-Expression-type-feature-t o-Processing-Rules/idi-p/5067). The current string-based Processing Rule options make it very difficult to deal with IP ranges.


Level 9



There's already an expectation of delay on data availability in reports (except for real-time reports, which let's be honest here, are of limited value to begin with).

Also, I'm pretty sure VISTA rules are able to use regex, yes?

Regex support for various things within AA (filters, segments, PRs, etc.) has been a long-standing request from many people, that other tools (e.g. GA) handle just fine.  The fact that AA continues to have limited to no regex support after all these years is rather mind boggling, and yeah, I'll be the one to address the elephant in the room: the problem isn't with regex: it's with the devs.


Level 6


Very important feature missing! Soemtimes we want to remove some specific query string parameters and we cannot do that right now without throwing away the complete query string.