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"Entry Page" available as a container for Discover Segments


Level 3


Add events like "Entry" or "Exit" as containers for segments (much like custom events are)


This would allow you to do things like 

- "Channel/Referring Domain for Entry Page"

- Custom Variables set on entry



(You could also do this by allowing an attribute for Page Segments of "Page Depth", ie the page number of the visit)



Level 1


I totally agree, it would be very useful to be able to create segments based on criteria present in the entry hit of a visit. For example, we'd like to create segments based on the user's login state on entry, e.g. 'Visits where the user entered the site in a logged in state', and the best way I think to do this would be to use a visit container, then nest in an 'entry' container (which doesn't currently exist), then add our custom evar to track visitor login state.




@gbodger @MalloryM One minor tip: You can create an "entry page" segment by using the "visit page number" dimension. You would want to a Hit container where "visit page number" = 1, and that should give you entry page views only.