"Copy Table" similar to "Copy Graph" for quick pasting of data



Often want to grab the current table or rows of a table in a report have built and paste into email, etc. without having to download excel or extract.  But this does not readily work, instead brings garbage with it (See Sample)


IDEA: Please add a "Copy Table" function next to "Copy Graph" in Site Catalyst reports that will paste universally.


Copy Table-100318.gif

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Surprised why nobody (including me) posted this idea yet !! Even when I keep feeling uncomfortable about the long process of Save to Excel, Open Report and Copy Paste into another Excel to get this done.



Great suggestion!



Agreed.....Great Suggestion...





Site Catalyst could use the same 'Copy Data' functionality as Discover. In the Discover interface, I can copy all of the data on the screen with a simple click of an icon. In Site Catalyst it is much more involved and requires me to open an additional window and then copy past and close. Replicating Discover's "Copy Data' functionality in Site catalyst would make exporting data so much eaiser. This is a feature that is a sweet as it is simple and it would be like Christmas in July if this was turned on!



In Progress for One Year now ??  Smiley Happy





It should be easy for the user to copy raw data to Excel from within the webinterface of Site Catalyst.


For instance if you want to copy the top 10 pages data from a Pages report and paste these into Excel its not well formatted.
Its hard to use because the data the user copies from the webinterface generates line breaks.


Could it be possible to implement a right click "copy to" function in the GUI of Site Catalyst that copied welformatted data that is more compatible with Excel than today?


It would also have that advantage that your excel report usage and thereby server load would drop.



This would be great. In fact, Discover has a feature where you can click a 'copy' icon and all of the data gets copied so you just have to select a cell in Excel and 'Paste'. It's even easier then highlighting and copying - especially if many rows. I'd like to see that in Site Catalyst as well.


I tried to promote this idea but the Promote button doesn't work for me in IE or Firefox. Smiley Frustrated



As a note in the short-term, it's not as much of a train-wreck in FireFox as it is in IE.



Jonny G had started working on this, but there were some unexpected challenges with the formatting so I need to move it back to "Reviewed" status. We won't be doing this in the short term. However, as Alyson Murphy showed me, pasting into Excel as unicode text makes it work pretty well. Since learning that trick, it has become a LOT less painful to paste into Excel!