Provide Ability to Sort Workspaces by Timestamp



I've been using Insight for years so most of my workspace folders have hundreds of workspaces I've saved over time.  Frequently I will add a new workspace saved with a certain name and then be unable to remember the name the next day I am looking for it.  It would be wonderful if I could simply sort the workspace icons by Date so the most recent workspace comes to the top.  Along with that provide a way to show the Timestamp of the last time it was saved under each workspace.

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I completely agree with you.  Some of our analysts workspace folders are huge and it's difficult for them to find their active workspace or most recent workspace worked on.  This would be a great value add.



Totally agree - I have the same issue.  


I use a very round about way of working this - I make all my reports local using the report manager admin view - then I use Explorer to sort the workspaces.  This does not work very well when I have embedded sub-directories.



Great idea, Craig. I'd love to see this too!



Currently the only Email option from the new dashboard report is to email it via PDF or HTML.


Can we get Excel and Powerpoint as options please?



Is there a reason that you prefer to export dashboards out of SiteCatalyst in Excel format, rather than building your own Excel dashboards directly using Excel Client or ReportBuilder? Can you help us understand how dashboards exported in Excel format are used (as opposed to dashboards in PDF or HTML) in your organization?



Because Site Catalyst does not have a report which allows multiple metrics to be graphed and also because there continues to be an issue with the graphs depicting a Monday-Sunday time period (which we use), I export the data and then re-graph it.  It's time consuming I know but its the only way we can see multiple metrics on the one graph and the only way we get the data to be accurately reflected in a graph.  Unless you have another solution?  Also I think that if the old dashboards enabled you to export into Excel, the very least the new dashboards should have is this functionality.  Also there are other software tools out there like Nielsen Advisor using ScanTrack data which allows you to export graphs into Powerpoint.  Then every month you just hit an update button which then updates all of your slides.  This tool allows you to spend time on writing the insights and not waste time on graphing.  I know there are tools out there that could save clients time so I'm curious to know what Adobe's plans are for improving data exporting. 



I also think that an Excel option would be great.  My company refuses to install Report Builder (and generally any plug-ins), so having dashboards in Excel will at least give ability to do some custom work post-Omniture export.  Whether it's dividing metrics across two reportlets, to simple things like drawing circles around portions of the graph I'm referring to (and adding additional word notation), having the additional flexibility would be great.


Right now, to get this flexibility, I need to take a dashboard (or export single reports), and either screenprint and put into PowerPoint or Excel. 



This idea was implemented around version 5.2.  Thanks for implementing.