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Processing Rules Categorization


Level 3


Processing rules look uniform right now and when there is more of these, it is hard to find the right one to edit (would be even harder when the 50-rules-limit increses in the future).

We could use Rules Categories with filtering + color coding in the Admin Console, so the reason for particular rule is more obvious for the first sight (Adjust Data, Add Event, Create Segment, Process Context Data Variables).





With the release of "Conditional Actions" you now have the ability to set many different variables, or take many different actions in a single processing rule, each with their own condition. This means that the processing rule becomes a category all its own. If you disagree and think there is still need for a separate categorization feature, please comment here.


Level 4


I like the idea of categorization. I just found a use case. We have something (I suspect a processing rule) that is altering data I see in the debugger, I haven't found the rule yet because I can't just search my rules for the variables affected (granted the new Conditional Actions - if executed properly can help solve this - but honestly, how many of us actually execute properly - and one off special cases may still require their own ad hoc rule).


Going back and categorizing rules would be much easier than a systematic re-creation of rules using the new Conditional Actions