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Processing Rules: Add Events to the line item conditions


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With the release of Processing Rules where all Admins have the ability to leverage processing rules to increase their data accuracy and completeness, it would extremely helpful if we added Events to the line item conditions.

Use Case -

We currently have a DTM Javascript heavy based implementation of Adobe Analytics and have been working with our IT department to reduce the size of both the JS files (DTM's satelliteLib and AA's s_code) as well as reduce the size of the client side beacon calls / hits to the Adobe servers.

we are looking for ways to achieve these size reduces without sacrificing our tracking / metrics capabilities.  so we thought processing Rules would be a great place to start, as we can set our metrics and define our props/evars based on the end user's URL and the Defined Page Name.

Since this is a migration strategy and not a new install, we have to use conditions like set prop14 = name when prop14 is not set.  which means processing rules are simply filling in the gaps when the information is missing.

but when it comes to setting events there is no 'when' option.  So we can't say set event100 when event100 is not set.  the 'when' statement seems to be limited to just props and evars.  Currently when you use this set event options it will set the event regardless of what events are already there so if you have it both in the javascript and the processing rule the event gets counted twice, obviously that is not accurate.

because of this limitation we are limited in our ability to reduce our dependency on the client side javascript and a large percentage of the data we send to Adobe, especially since Adobe has given everyone 1000 events to set within their properties, are individual events for each page and user action.

so it would super helpful if we could add events to the 'when x is not set' conditions in the processing rule line items.  this would enable customers to set events or to fill in events gaps when the javascript happens to miss them.



Level 9


I heard a rumor at one point that Adobe was going to sunset VISTA rules in favor of beefing up Processing Rules, but I don't know how true that actually is. But yeah, Processing Rules really do need a lot more love put into them.

For your specific issue, what I do as a workaround is (on a code level) I dupe events to a prop, which lets me add a (top level) condition to check if eventX is in the prop. And for the condition part, I create the PR with 3 conditions , set to "All" to be true :

propX does not equal "eventX"

propX does not contain "eventX,"  (this also covers "does not start with")

propX does not end with ",eventX"

I do it like this to get around e.g. event1 condition falsely triggering on event100

Yeah.. kinda clunky, but it works!