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I noticed a request for preventing alerts from firing on certain days of the week, but what I would like to see is the ability to prevent alerts from firing on certain days. One of my clients is a financial company that sees extremely low traffic on days the stock market is closed, so I would like to not only prevent alerts from firing on Saturdays and Sundays, but also during holidays on which the stock market is closed -- Martin Luther King Day, Labor Day, Christmas, etc. Otherwise, if I want to use daily alerts, I have to choose between alerts firing every weekend and on holidays and setting a much lower bar than I would prefer for the alert to fire.


Thanks for your consideration.

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@dboonskincap: I'm not sure whether this counts, but we are taking holidays into account now for Anomaly Detection. It might not catch all of the stock market holidays, but the big ones (Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, etc.) should all be covered so that it will compare YoY and see that traffic is always low on that holiday, and thus not send an alert. 



@benjamingaines: How does this work, exactly, since anomaly detection only looks back a maximum of 90 days? I'm assuming you wouldn't want those holidays to turn off alerts by default, since ecommerce companies, for example, will see a lot more traffic on certain holidays.



Hi @benjamingaines,


I was thinking to something similar : I'd like to setup hourly alerts that basically says "alert me if there have been 0 orders last hour" but I wouldn't this alert to fire between 2am and let's say 6am.


Works for other date/time granularity as well (It would be good to be able to setup different alerts for weekdays/weekends or like you were writing above for Holidays, or even any other specific time period).





@benjamingaines2  I have a financial client with the exact same needs as dboonskincap 's.  We tried using the weekday time-parting dimension to segment when we want alerts (weekdays only), but the intelligent alerts still checks and triggers on the weekends. We also tried it via calculated metrics with the same result. Client care says that is expected behavior. 

So, I'd love to see you add "Weekdays only" as an option within the Granularity drop-down on the Alert builder detail page.  I imagine this would come in handy for other non-financial, B2B clients as well.  I could also see business hours as another helpful option (in addition to hourly as ericb69243940 suggested).


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My client has an end of month upswing.  This would be very helpful as well.



This would be so huge for us!!



Apart from excluding holidays, weekend, it would be good to have the alerts inactive between 1am and 6am.


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Oct 27, 2020

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