Predictive Analytics - Forecasting and other features



I just discovered the forecasting feature in SC and got really excited and tried to read up and use the feature.  I turned on the feature and then went to see it in reports only to see no results.  I contacted Adobe support to hear the sad news that its currently a known bug and not working and worse yet that it may be removed completely as a feature.  


We've been looking for way to be more proactive with analysis through SC and when we found this feature we were so hopeful so its disappointing to hear its being removed, if that is indeed the case.  Anomaly detection is a nice start to this but again its limited in that it looks back at data and can't give us current and/or future metrics.


Being able to determine patterns and predict possible future outcomes and trends is something that we'd find very useful.  This not only helps us understand our customers, products and campaigns better but it also helps us see potential technical and technology stack issues.