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Percent Page Viewed Plug-in For Single Page Visits


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Currently the Percent-Page Viewed Plug-In is triggered on the next image request (second page, exit link). This methodology does not capture Percent Page Viewed data for single page visits where no exit link is clicked (majority of single page visits).  This leaves a lot of guessing as to what visitors saw in their only pv and a large bucket of "undefined"

It would be great if that plug-in could be revised to capture single page visits (probably tricky but you guys are smart 😉 )

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Level 5


You can hack this right now by coding some sort of logic on the page.  You can look at the "onunload" event and see if the visitor clicked a link.  If they didn't, then send a custom link with this data.  It would be nice if it were built right into the plug-in though.