Organize Workspace Metrics & Dimensions in Folders

devinw84924321 25-07-2019

Add the ability to organize workspace metrics and dimensions in folders. As the main analytics manager I understand how to use workspace because I know the names of all the metrics and dimensions so I can search but I can't gain adoptions from the rest of the team because they need an organized list to sort through the things that are relevant to them.

It could function the same way as when you select a value within a dimension. Many other reporting and analytics tools have this.

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Great idea!  From a basis of curiosity, do you find the search functionality no longer viable?  At what point did it no longer become viable?

devinw84924321 25-07-2019

I personally love the search functionality and use it all the time but the rest of the non-power users can't only rely on search alone. They need a way to find things that they don't remember the name of.


devinw84924321​ do you organize your components using Tags today? Where are tags falling short for your users? Understood that they are not as obvious as seeing a folder, but once they've learned to search by tags, does that method of organization suffice?


Unfortunately, tags do not help users explore the content that is available to them.

If the user already knows what tag to search for then it will let them quickly find content.  However, if the user wants to browse what projects are available to them they can be stuck scrolling thru a long list of projects trying to find something relevant.

A folder structure would aid navigation in this scenario.