Option to sort reports ascending



A few months ago I was asked for a list with the content websites having almost no clicks. As we have more than 8000 unique pages I tried to use SiteCatalyst pages report to find out. Because SiteCatalyst is just sorting descending I tried a trick and used a calculated metrik to sort the pagenames ascending. As far as I can say the list was sorted by the new metric but the results where wrong. The pagename with the lowest usage had more than 100 page views a month. But this is wrong. I was able to find pagenames with just one pageview when using the report filter. Customer support says that sitecatalyst is not sorting ascending and using a calc metric is not an official way to do it.


So this is why I write down this idea. I want an option to sort any report ascending by any metric. It would also be a great feature to sort the list by alphabetical order of the values (e.g. pagenames). Right now it is just possible to sort by metrics.

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Interesting, @Hjalmar . I could have sworn that sorting in ascending order was an option. Thanks for the idea; I'll keep an eye on it. 



I'm pretty sure sorting only works in Decending order. Just tried it for Bounces and Bounce Rates. I can only get it decending for each. I want to see the page with the lowest bounce rate and have to go to the end of the report to get it.