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New Audit Page in Site Catalyst for Unique Exceeds and Latency


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In order for a customer to be in a position to proactively act on unique exceed and latency, it would be valuable to have a new audit page that would report by company, report suite and by report, the status of latency and unique exceeds including forecasting information.  Easy to read green, yellow, red icons, including forecast/recommendation data would be optimal.



Company:              Time Inc  as of April 23, 2010


Report Suites -> report name             Unique Exceed

-------------------------------                        ----------------------


         pages                                            green light (not expected to hit max)

        sprop 1                                           yellow light - 4/29/2010, recommended increase of 250k (date the report is forecasted to go into unique exceeds,         

        sprop 2                                           red light - 4/22/2010 (already in)



Report Suites -> report                         Latency

-------------------------------                        ----------------------

People.com                                            Latency on:

                                                                              pages report - 5 hours of latency, expected resolution in 4/23/2010  10:00pm EST.

                                                                              visits report   - 5 hours of latency, expected resolution in 4/23/2010  10:00pm EST.

Instyle.com                                             No Latency



UNIQUE EXCEED:  displays the report suites and reports, the status and forecast as well as recommendations. For example, as shown above, if today is 4/23/2010 and sprop1 is not in latency but expected to hit on 4/29, then this is reported along with the recommended increase to prevent unique exceeds from occurring. 


LATENCY:  Would report all report suites that are in latency and the amount of latency including the estimated time of recovery.



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Not quite as fancy as what your suggesting, but we just created a Dashboard for various variables looking for the value 'uniques exceeded'. I email it to myself daily.


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I like this idea and would like to take it one step further by having an alert when Uniques Exceeded is reached and then another report for what information in that variable was in the Uniques Exceeded bucket.