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Right now, changing page names is quite difficult and time-consuming.


It would be really appreciated if a Search box /Advanced option would be included on the Name Pages functionality.

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Page naming is a serious up front consideration that requires some linear thinking and organization. The person responsible for your report creation and output must be well versed in these areas to avoid back stepping unnecessarily on a project. If you do have to change a page name you would do better versioning out your HTML, asp, etc. Instead of working around an existing page. Good luck.



Unfortunately our CMS doesn't allow us to change the Omniture Page Name attribute. You're right that one should tackle the problem at the root, but for us this is currently no option.



Name Pages needs the following:

- Export option, to easily export the full list of rules

- Search facility, to find URLs or Page Names, without having to page through 50-at-a-time

- Ability to view more than 50 at a time

- Sort functionality, to be able to sort by either URL or Page Name


NB : I would never use Name Pages myself, but the tool shows every page (in the current month) - which is thousands of pages - so if there is a 'bad' rename buried in there it is impossible to find.