Multiple Report Suites: "Multiple"-Link for success event types shows names



I found a bug in the admin section of Adobe Analytics. If you select multiple report suites, and edit Traffic Variables / Commerce Variables / Success Events, it will show you “Multiple” if there are different names, settings, etc. – If you click on “Multiple”, you will be able to see the different names/settings and you are able to overwrite the value if you want to.

This works perfectly for every link but for the Type of Success Events. If you click on “Multiple” for a Type, it won’t show you the different types (Disabled, Counter, …), but it will show you the different names. So it happens the same as if you click on “Multiple” in the name column, but you aren’t able to inspect the type differences.

It would be great if you could quickly solve the bug, as we’re currently comparing report suite differences, and need to compare the types of our success events.