Multiple Report Suites in one Workspace project

loreboldo 31-07-2017


I'd like to have the possibility to set multiple report suites in one workspace project.

The idea would be to move the Report Suite setting from being project-level to be panel-level (the same as date range).



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To take this further...wouldn't it be awesome if we could apply the report suites to the freeform table as we apply segments and dimension values to it. (I know this is a long shot)

something like this:



alv123456 19-02-2018

Yes, that would be extremely useful! So annoying to switch to dashboards only because multiple report suites are not supported in Workspace.

adamw73247808 12-03-2018

We want the ability to sum data from report suites where they share the same metric implementation. It can also be achieved through multi-suite tagging, though that is cost prohibitive.


Not sure if your organization has Data Workbench or not but this is a key feature of the tool. It can intake as many RS as you want as well as your offline data too.

It also has the the ability to work through tagging that does not match up in different report suites.

Example: RS1 evar1 captures accountid and evar10 capture email. RS2 evar1 captures email And evar10 captures accountid.

DWB can take both report suites in and process them and you can see the following

total emails across both RS

total accountid across both RS

emails and accountid individually by RS

if you want some more information on this feel free to reach out directly to me.

florianag 18-04-2018

I support this idea as well. A very simple example: we have content apps in addition to our websites, and we sometimes run parallel campaigns. It would be great to be able to combine basic data, such as article pageviews for this specific case, in one dashboard when reporting on campaign performance.

4ar0n5G 23-07-2018

Indeed I would also need this feature !


We are actively working on this - stay tuned

pabloc82923542 12-11-2018

Why not create a roll-up report suite?

Then use segments to separate each report suite.

Summing/comparing similar data built report suites is then easy. Challenge is then non uniform tagged report suites. Might be an easy stop gap until a full feature of this is delivered.

Also FYI if it helps, content summary reports in dashboards allow you to add multiple report suites as reportlets in one spot.


alv123456 13-11-2018

Mostly because of the unique item limit exceeds.