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Multiple Dimensions columns in Adobe Workspace


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It would be great to be able to have multiple dimension columns rather than having the information stacked. Currently whenever you breakdown dimensions it stacks this on a line by line basis which makes it harder to analyse and also looks messy for the end user.

Example below




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This still remains on our backlog as we address some higher priority features in the product. We will continue to consider it for a future improvement.


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@samsmith5 if you want data compatible with Workspace, we would recommend using the API to export data and then you can format you data in a custom way. Alternatively, you can download tables from Workspace with breakdowns, but would need to manually adjust the formatting of the table to get it to look like this.


You could also use Data Warehouse which exports in this format by default. It is able to do that because it exports all possible values for all dimension columns. However, DW has some limitations compared to Workspace - no calculated metrics, no attribution modeling on metric columns, etc.


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OK, its now been almost THREE years since this thread was started. Has Abobe made any progress on this Workspace Tabular report feature?  We need to be able to get meaningful data in a usefull form like you can do with Excel Pivot Tables.  Also, I am still stuck with a Worksheet report saving only ONE page at a time. When will we be able to download the full and complete report? Thank you!




Update here - this idea is awesome, but after some deeper research not very feasible in standard Adobe Analytics today. The good news though is that we're looking into ways we can do this within Customer Journey Analytics and we think we've identified a great way to accomplish this use case via a new feature we're working on called "Derived Dimensions". If you want to learn more about CJA - check out this link: CJA Spark Page


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Sorry to hear you don't consider it to be feasible in standard analytics. Curious to know why, since people seem to have a need for it - is it some technical limitation that makes it too difficult for you to support this feature?

Generally we're using a dimension, Button Id paired with Button Label and other dimensions for different types of components we need to track.

The Button Id dimension is a unique id which is based on exactly where in the UI that component is located whereas Button Label may not be unique, since more buttons are likely to have the same Label, perhaps even on the same page or tab sometimes.

So it really would have been nice to be able to drag in Button Id dimension like we do today, but then drag the Button Label dimension in in the 2nd column right beside the first. Instead of having to break it down by nesting Button Label underneath each instance of Button Id dimension in the first column.

Someone else mentioned Google Analytics have this feature - given the like count and a common scenario like I just mentioned, I hope you'll reconsider and give it a little priority in your backlog - to support this in standard analytics and not just in Customer Journey Analytics.