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Multiple Delimeter Types in Processing Rules


Level 2


Processing rules are a great way to get Context Data from apps into your variables.


But let's face it - not all of us have the same delimeters within the same variable. We've all inhereted systems where there's a rogue dash ("-") that got in there from the URL.


See where the interface asks you to enter in your delimeter, and then it hard code-repeats it in boxes right next to the concatenated values in the image below?


We need to be able to modify those. So, if there's an instance where we need to modify just one delimeter, or many, we can.


It would be a pretty big win, and make App Tracking 4.0 a lot less exceptional and a lot more routine.






Level 9


This is great and seems like it would be high-impact, low effort. I always struggle to get development teams to implement code because they are worried about how much work it will be for them. This would really help my argument and I'm sure I'm not alone on this one!