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More Dimensions In Report Builder


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Being able to include two dimensions in report builder is helpful but I often need more. See table below. If I run a SKU report, I can also pull in a dimension like Product Name. But that's it - only one additional dimension. I'd like to be able to pull in more. For example, see the grey columns below? Additional dimensions in this report will make it much easier to sort through and share with people who can't/won't/don't log in to Adobe Analytics.



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This is something we are definitely considering implementing in report builder. Right now, the tool is based on an architecture similar to reports and analytics, but we are hoping to redesign the capabilities so as to access the data in a more similar manner to ad-hoc analysis (f.k.a. Discover)


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To this date we can add up to 4 dimensions, but this limit needs to be expanded so we can take full advantage of the data extraction capabilities in excel.


It should at least not have any limits when you are adding classification data as additional dimensions since they all come from the same key report.


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Hi Guys,

I share exactly the same problem and your support would help us a lot!

People in my team who can't/won't/don't log in to Adobe Analytics use Report Builder, but only one level breakdown is just too little.

On top, you can see this change request is second among the most popular ones in the Report Builder section. More than 20 people voted for it.

Also in parallel, I have contacted  Adobe Analytics Client Care and they confirmed that there one level breakdown available in report builder for now. I sent them my report, they looked at and reconfirmed it.

I was also proposed to do my reports in Ad-Hoc, but people in my team don't have time to learn how to use the tool. Max effort from their side is to update the date in ReportBuilder.








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good idea! Since Excel is still most used analytics tool, it would be great to have more options in the report builder! Agree that lot of people don't log in but would refresh a simple excel report.