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More 2 item Traffic Correlations


Level 5


We are constantly going in and changing our 2 item traffic correlations depending on what we are testing, debugging or analyzing at the time.  I would be great to get more 2-item correlations now that we have full subrelations on all evars.





Let me ask this: Which would be better?


A.) Making the number of 2-item correlations unlimited (but you still have to set them up)

B.) Keeping the number of 2-item correlations the same and allowing you to create/edit up to four 5-item and two 20-item correlations without contacting ClientCare


I guess the question I'm asking is: Is there a reason why you specificaily prefer two-item correlations (knowing that the analytics UI does not struggle to run reports involving larger correlations anymore)?


Level 5


There wasn't a reason 2-item correlations was specified.  Basically we are looking to get correlations closer to the full subrelations that evars has.