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Analytics Workspace: More Actions - Export to PDF (PLEASE!)


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Description - You have all the other actions, just add Export to PDF

Why is this feature important to you? - It adds more time for me to wait and actually OPEN the report so I can actually get to the menu to actually Export it as a PDF.  Why 

How would you like the feature to work? - Just add this to the available line items in the "More Actions" menu, like you have here:


Current Behavior - Again, currently I have to open the report, click SHARE, export file, and then select PDF.  It would just be so much easier to do the same from the screen above instead of being forced to go all the way into the report.  I can't imagine many of us would need to export it on a regular basis in CSV form, so why would you offer that as a shortcut from the "More Actions" menu?  The feature most of us would need more often is to export it a PDF.


Better yet, just change it to EXPORT FILE, and use the same dialogue you currently supply on the Share menu from the Workspace page and then you will solve the whole problem: