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Mobile Services - More flexible Rules


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Mobile Services offers configuration for mapping trackAction and trackState data to Adobe Analytics variables and events.  Once they are saved, they get listed in the Processing Rules interface (but are not-editible from there).  So it seems to me that the Mobile Services interface is really just a "wrapper" for making Processing Rules.  


Thing is.. it's nowhere near as flexible as what you can do in the Processing Rules interface.  For example, there is no way for me to map more than one value to a specific event. For example, if I want to map a.action=foo to event4, and I also want to map a.action=bar to event4, there's no way to do that within Mobile Services.  But I can easily do that within the Processing Rule interface.  


Also, you can't do any kind of conditions.  


Even more annoying is that there's no way to copy what I've done to another App.  For example, if I create a "dev" Mobile App and a "prod" Mobile App, I have to separate configure them.  There's no way for me to copy it over.  


Please give Mobile Services more love in this regard.  


Yes, I realize I can just go make Processing Rules instead of using the Mobile Services interface, but many times this is a PITA because unlike PRs, Mobile Services do not require certifcation to access it.  

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Level 4


I completely agree.  For example, you have three options for events - counter / numerical / currency.  And in Mobile Services - you have three options - Whole Number / Numerical / Currency.  


What we need is an option to say "when this value exists, increment by 1" - instead of doing more than 1.