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Minute Dimension


Level 9


it would be wonderful to be able to view or breakdown reports by minute.  right now, i do set an eVar/prop to time of day (hh:mm am/pm|day of week) but the tool does not give me the ability to sort by dimension.  


it might also be nice to be able to configure eVars to be time dimensions.



Level 6


Are there plans to add minute granualrity to data warehouse?  i need the ability to create a very granualr feed with breakdowns.  A days worth of data for me has over 200,000 rows of data.  Using Analysis Workspace cant create a report like this, if it did, than I could use that.  Are there  plans to expand the amount of data you can export from Analysis Workspace?  Right now its capped at 200 rows which is pretty tiny.  Will this be matching AdHoc anytime soon?