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Metrics Dimensions


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An idea that would be really great is if we could metrics broken down by dimension. I have created in work space the kind of thing that I am after, however it is not a scalable solution using segments. This could also be done using evar's however there are some issues (evar's not be numeric by design) that will cause problems, not to mention - using up evars. Currently we do this work in our data lake but it should really be available in Adobe as it is just a count of count in SQL.

An example is the following:


As you can see we can easily see how many visits and visitors we had last week, but we cannot see a break down of how many visitors came once / twice etc. This can be done with a segment, but as I say will not scale.

This could then be further enhanced to view totals, min and max numbers of each metric broken down by Visit and Visitor.