Mega Dimension that combines Pagename, Custom Link name, Download Link name, and Exit Link name




I'd like to propose a new variable that is used to capture both pageviews and actions. I've always done this as a best practice in my implementations, but started to think it wasn't necessary now that dimensions and dimension types can be mixed in Workspace pathing.


For example, I can start with Page, select a page, then drag in Custom Link, select a link value, drag in page, etc.


This type of analysis is done often in the app world, but makes just as much sense in web analysis too.


However, that example is not a replacement for a single variable that captures everything. One big reason is that the above bold example assumes there is a custom link in between each page view. There may not be - a pageview could take place immediately following a pageview - and that path would be ignored from the visualization.

A similarly big reason is that two non-pageview links in a row also wouldn't be represented in the bold example. And finally, if the user happened to download a file in between those steps, there would be no identification of that action.


Here's an example of the type of path that could be identified thanks to this mega-dimension - currently populated via my custom prop. I've highlighted a path of users starting on home, clicking a dead image (Custom Link), clicking the Photos nav menu button (Custom Link), then landing on the photos page. You can see the path listed on top was just a simple, home then Exit Link. If a download link had occurred, that information would also be listed in the path.