Managing/Checking Bot Rule Set(s)



Before making a Bot Rule Set(s) live it would be extremely useful if it could be applied to historical data.  Even better if it could be applied as a segment.

User Case : Identified what I suspect to be non-human traffic (no referrer and 100s of 1PV/Visitor) for  IPs belonging to a certain domain. Exported list of IPs from DW (for domain segment) which lists a mixture of IPs (can't attach as only image files accepted) which could either be part of class B/C network.  


Therefore at present we either take a gamble and block off a range or block of all the individual IPs which is time consuming but means we've only blocked known IPs (for a given date range).

By being able to create segment based on IPs/Ranges and applying to historical data we could not only measure likely impact but also check if we'd be inadvertantly blocking other domains or human traffic.