Make Single Page Visit Metric/Dimension available for DataWarehouse



AdHoc, Report and Anlytics both support 


VISIT : Single Page Visit = Enabled

VISIT : Page Views is less than 2


Neither of these segments are supported for Datawarehouse.  Whilst it's possible (based on our implementation) to create a segment which is very close (in terms of numbers) it would be better to use out of the box dimensions/definitions that work across the three products.  Even better if 'Single Page Visits' metric was available out of box (as on AdHoc)



Newspaper Publishers in UK have their analytics audited by ABC, one of the metrics is Single Page Visits (the other related being Null Refferer Single Page Visits).

1. Would prefer to use out of the box metric/dimensions

2. Would mean all publishers are being measured on the same metric/definision (those that are using Adobe)