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Make Publishing Lists available for Non-Admins


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In case we set up scheduled reports we often have a list of recipients. I was glad to see that SiteCatalyst offers the option of Publishing-Lists. Unfortunately this feature is just available for Non-Admins. It would be great to have this option also available for standard users. Especially standard users often send scheduled reports to other departments. So it would fit the needs to have all recipients in one list.


Publishing Lists also make life easier when one or more recipients e.g. leave the company and the scheduled reports must be changed. With the list you don't need to make changes on every single report. It is just a few clicks in the setup of the Publishing List.


So please make Publishing List available for all users with all it's functionality (create own lists, share lists, use shared lists, send reports to list, schedule reports to list)



Level 6


I just ran accross this issue also. It would be nice if like the mobile admin group you created a publishing list group so we can give that to someone and they can manage the publishing lists without doing all the other admin functions. I have too much to do as an admin to have to update publishing lists the first of every month.


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And after almost 3 years this idea was created, we still suffer with this issue. Adobe, would you be kind to have it enabled for non-admins? Really, it's not that hard. It's really awful to update every scheduled report when someone starts on the company and have to receive everything. I take care of 6 countries and have to do it a lot.