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Make 'Previous Page' & 'Next Page' Dimensions in Workspace


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In Adobe reports you are able to run previous page and next page reports which is very handy. In Workspace you are able to see similar data using the flow analysis. An improvement on both of these, IMO, would be to have a 'Previous Page' and 'Next Page' dimensions that you could drag and drop on visualizations all within Analysis Workspace.



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I use Previous Page and Next Page reports in R&A because there isn't a corresponding substitute in Workspace (try clicking the Try in Workspace button).  These reports answer basic (and potentially advanced) questions that can't be answered any other way in the tool.


So why isn't it feasible to do in Adobe Analytics Workspace?  I think the concern now is that Reports & Analytics is going away and getting that capability back requires purchasing another tool (CJA).  Previous and Next dimensions would be best, but even a right click node menu option in the Flow chart to generate the table (similar to the Fallout touchpoint option Breakdown fallout at this touchpoint) would solve the issue.


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Any plans on when this could be available in CJA via derived fields?


Many years have passed and, as far as I know, this feature is still not available. 

With SQL this is a simple use of Next or Previous functions, so unfortunately more and more times I need to take data out of CJA to do these analysis.


I think Derived Fields are an amazing feature, but it needs to expand its functionalities faster to be able to match the potential expectations and to avoid moving some Analysis out of CJA.