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Make it easier to see where mouse right-button actions occur in a panel


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Description - It's currently difficult to know in which area of a panel in Workspace to right-click for actions

Why is this feature important to you - I use the feature often and find it difficult to know where to click.

How would you like the feature to work - Make it visible somehow, upon hovering over with the mouse, than a right-click action can be taken within that area.

Current Behaviour - it's quite difficult to know where to click. Try downloading the csv of a flow report by means of right clicking on the panel. It's hard to know where to click!

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I understand where you're going with this.  Currently, there are two instances where the arrow will turn to a crosshair arrow:

  1. At the top of a panel
  2. At the top of a visualization.

It's also possible to right-click in both of these areas, but but it's not nearly as intuitive where else you might be able to right-click within the Adobe Analytics Workspace interface, so I agree.

It would definitely make things much easer if the mouse cursor gave us a more visible and obvious cue - like changing colors (to blue or yellow), changing its shape (to a pointer finger), or even highlighting itself (perhaps with a yellow halo).

Like BernardoCF suggests above, it's a bit difficult to right-click if you don't exactly know everywhere you CAN right-click.  Maybe Adobe might help shine the light where it's possible?