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Make individual panels within workspace searchable and sharable



As part of building reports inside workspace, we use freeform panels to create visualizations. We build several visualization panels mapped to different requirements within 1 workspace per product. We have a request from product team to make these panels searchable from “Search components” field or “Search Analytics” field, so they don’t have to navigate to the workspace using the workspace link or even the specific panel link.


They also need the ability to export these individual panels as reports. On looking the current AA features, it does not appear that these requests can be fulfilled. Hence, this ticket to satisfy the below requests:


  1. Ability to add a tag to a visualization panel created in a workspace
  2. Make the visualization panel searchable from the “Search components” field, using tags
  3. Ability to export individual visualization panels to pdf format or ability to send individual visualization panels as file on a schedule