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Lock a dashboard reportlet's date


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It seems I have a lot of complaints about dashboard dates: http://ideas.omniture.com/t5/Adobe-Idea-Exchange-for-Omniture/Improved-Dashboard-Date-Handling-to-in...



For this one, I'd like to be able to lock the date for a specific reportlet so that even if the main date is adjusted, this remains the same. A good reason for this:


I have many reportlets that are viewing the previous 7 days of data in a dashboard.

At the bottom of this dashboard I'd like to have a running total of data: KPI Totals since the beginning of time

This last reportlet is easy to do: set the start date to fixed and the end date to running.


However, if someone adjusts the dashboard date, the last reportlet is updated too. It'd be cool to be able to lock that date so it can't be adjusted.



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I agree.  The functionality that changes date increments in the base report seems flawed.  If I set an incriment of weeks in the base report why should a global date change in the Dashboard errase that setting?  If I go back to the base report, the increment is still set to week sometimes and reverts back to day other times.  This is inconsistant and having a lock on the reportlet would enhance functionality and save time adjusting report increments.  Thanks.