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We created a Virtual Report Suite with limited data access so one of our partners can create workspaces on their own.  I created a group specially for these people.  One of the hang-ups we are running into is when they create a Workspace Project and want to share, they have access to all users in the Org, not just their group which is a big security concern.  We do not want users visibility into all users.  We'd like to see it limited to the groups the "sharing user" is a member of. 


There  are 200 users & three Groups in the Org; GroupA, GroupB & GroupC. UserA is a member of GroupB & GroupC that have 15 & 20 users respectively. When UserA creates a workspace project and shares it, they should only be able to see & share to the other 34 users in GroupB & GroupC.

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I need this in my workspace.



Adobe, this is a simple PII issue.  It can also violate contractual issues when a company is obligated to protect the identities of its customers.  Please implement this as soon as possible!

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