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Let me know when my classifications have been applied


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Currently there is no way of knowing when my automated uploads of classifications have been processed and are available in my reports.  I get a notification email that the FTP file has been accepted, but it can take anything from a few minutes to a days to process the classifications themselves.  What's more, the notification email tells me how many lines had no effect, but doesn't tell me which lines.


An additional notification email should be sent to advise that the classifications are available throughout the data set.





In a maintenance release earlier this year, the confirmation email for classification uploads is sent when the classifications are fully applied throughout the data set. Excellent post!


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@BretGundersen Oh is that right Bret?  If so, the text could be clearer.
Status: Classifications have been imported and will appear in all related reports.


The "will" is rather vague.  You seem to be suggesting it really means "Classifications have been imported and are available in all related reports."