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Individiualise permissions for creating custom templates


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Currently only users will full admin rights to a suite can create and share a workspace custom template (https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/analytics/analysis-workspace/starter_projects.html

I am told that there is no way to give anyone the ability to create templates without giving them full admin rights.

Please add the ability for product managers to give ability to create templates on a account-by-account basis without requiring the user to be full-admin.




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All my users who have Create/Curate Projects have permission to create a Template and I do not want them to have that permission globally.  I want more people to be able to create Projects and quite a bit less to create templates that can be seen by everyone.  When I see a template, I think, "oh, great a template someone has QA'd and vetted and will be accurate" but with the permissions as they are now, any of my Create/Curate users can create a template that is shared globally and has not been vetted.  When templates first came out, I assumed that only admins could add Custom Templates globally until I started seeing a few from regular users.  If something is going to be shared Globally, it needs to have a special permissions for that to happen. Custom Templates should behave like Workspaces where a user can make their own and share it with a few people but not share with All. 


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I actually like the idea of people having access to templates, however only to their own account. Only certain people should be able to enable templates to the whole company.

The individual account level templates however can be used by people who might be doing a repetitive things for themselves or other, but which might not be applicable to the whole company.

ideally we should have a granular permissions:

- allow user level tempaltes

- allow account level tempaltes


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i suggest to use the same workflow as with other items:

- by default „private“ (new template only visible for the user who created it)

- make „approved“ (maybe restricted to admins)

- „share“ template (similar to other items e.g. workspace projects)

- edit only by the creator or an admin

and maybe there is a 4th tab when opening a new project called „my templates“ which shows all templates created by me


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To outline some of the challenges we are seeing:

- people are saving templates and they are being seen by other users

- there does not appear to be any rhyme or reason around the names people are using

- people are saving things as templates where they should be reports

- people are not adding good descriptions

- normal users should not be allowed to edit, save and make modifications to templates

We have no time to police all this, ideally if someone wants to deploy a template that should go through the admins and governance around what constitutes a template vs a report.