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Increase Character Limit of Serialized Event ID


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How difficult would it be to have the Serialized Event ID increased from 20 characters to 32 characters or more?

Current 128-bit GUIDs are typically 32 characters (alphanumeric) in length, and requiring the truncation and/or trimming of characters and dashes reduces the ability to effectively ensure uniqueness as well as trust in the reliability of the process.  The use of these types of IDs is a business requirement in our organization because of other dependent systems behind our processes.

I'm betting I'm not the only person who is being frustrated by this particular constraint.  Hoping this is something Adobe can quickly take action to support.

Thanks in advance!



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Having had more background in how some of the IDs are being used, I would recommend an increase to at least 255 characters, which is the same size as an eVar, AND which is where we also typically store our event IDs when relevant.  Think about it this way: it really helps with truly understanding the funnel for users going through the eCommerce process of a user opening their cart all the way through to order submission.