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Increase Adobe Analytics Alert builder dimension field size


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Description - In Adobe Analytics Alert builder, the field for "Select Dimension Item" is limited in size, which prevents seeing the full dimension name (even though there is a large white space to the left of it).

Why is this feature important to you - When scrolling through an Alert definition with many dimensions which have the same prefix, there is no way to find a specific dimension without clicking on each one individually to see the rest of the full name pop up.

How would you like the feature to work - Very simple... just increase the size of the entry/display field, so either the full dimension name is displayed, or at least as much as possible to make use of the unused white space to the left.

Current Behaviour - Long dimension names are cut off, and require clicking on them to display the full name.

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@edaniel1 ,

That's a great idea!

In the meantime, try this extension, it makes lots of various improvements including the one you have described. Open the settings after the initial configuration and check the box next to "Optimize Adobe Analytics UI".

Without the extension


 With the extension