Include Data Labels in Table Visualizations with Metric Values

AdobeForumAccou 14-12-2017


It would be nice to be able to include data labels on Workspace visualizations and tables that will display either the absolute value, the percentage of total, or even an abbreviated value. This would best function as a toggled feature. The lack of this feature today prohibits our organization from utilizing Adobe Analytics Workspace at an enterprise level because the visualizations don't provide a clear delineation between similar values. If I schedule a Workspace as a PDF to my organization, we may get questions from the visualization as per the values each bar, or pie section represents.

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Great suggestion - we are considering this for a future roadmap item.  I believe for things like bar/line charts you would like values to show in-line (ie, right on top of each bar), correct?  Can you clarify a bit more what you are asking for in tables?

zaraz50213829 06-11-2018

Brandon George

"I believe for things like bar/line charts you would like values to show in-line (ie, right on top of each bar), correct?" Correct

Please add an option to add data labels to the visualizations - data labels that show total numbers for columns like in PowerPoint charts. When the cursor is placed on the columns the data labels pop up, though it’s hidden when exported in PDF. This would just be another useful function.


Great - I completely agree on the line/bar charts - this is on the roadmap.

I'm really sorry, but I still am not sure what you're referring to on tables.  On Freeform tables, there is a total cell at the top that shows the total (don't need to hover; shows up in PDF).  And I don't believe we show any totals on hover.  Can you show me an example?  Thanks.

johnton 08-11-2019

Hey Brandon, its been over a year. Is this still on the roadmap? I have had to start using Google's free Datastudio instead of Adobe Analytics (which we pay a small fortune for) to run our dashboards due to the lack of this feature.