Include ability to re-name column headings in reports



Frequently, reports have to be downloaded and manipulated before they can be distributed widely, so that the less web-saavy business folks can understand what they're looking at quickly, without a lot of hedge and explanation.


The ability to re-name column headings and metric names, to labels that are more familiar or specific to our business, would go a long way in reducing that manual work. 


The whole point of having dashboards and "canned" reports is to make KPI's quickly and easily accessible for decision-makers.  If they're not stand-alone items, and need tons of hedge and explanation, then they're not worth creating.

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I agree 100%.


With custom variable names, in Dashboards, the column headings is something like "Custom 24 (Friendly KPI Name)". The columns get cut down in width when there are a lot of them, so most people just see the "Custom 24 (F" part, or something similar.


If we had the ability to rename these column headings on the fly, then we could just call them whatever we wanted. Also, when columns get too narrow, we can use our own KPI Abbreviations to make them more clear.