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In Alerts email, include Alert Description field


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The default alerts report when a user clicks "analyze further" show a bullet chart and trend. Our team has created longer trend chart and some other items that are more helpful for analyzing certain alerts. We are looking for a way to help the recipients of an alert email to see these reports instead of, or in addition to the default report.

The easiest solution I can think of is for the creator of the alert to include the link to the preferred Workspace in the Alert Description field when creating the alert. We would then need Adobe to update the alert email to also pull the Alert Description field into the outgoing email (it currently is not included). Once Adobe completes this, the emails will include the Alert Description which has the workspace link our team developed to analyze alerts.... or any other workspace links we may want to include for different alerts.

Ask for Adobe:

Update the alert email template/format so it includes the Alert Description field somewhere in the email body or email header.

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