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Improved Dashboard Date Handling to include Rolling Presets


Level 9


I saw a request or two about improving Date handling in Dashboards, but this is a more specific request:

When I set the date for a reportlet in Omniture I can easily choose any of the standard Omniture presets (today, yesterday, last 7 days, etc).  This is awesome! 

However, if I select Last Month, then the preset is not saved properly.  Instead, it sets Last Month to a rolling date. 

So tomorrow when I log in to the dashboard the date for this reportlet will be the 2nd day of Last Month to the 1st day of This Month => Not very intuitive.  Of course I could set the Dates to Fixed, but then the issue is I have to update each reportlet every month, and that sort of defeats the purpose of dashboards requiring minimal upkeep. 


Instead, we should be able to set the Presets to Fixed.  So Last Month is always the 1st of Last Month to the 28th/29th/30th/31st of Last Month, regardless of when I look at the dashboard.