Image Request Length can be lengthened using POST instead of GET



Similar to Google Analytics, Adobe should automatically use a POST to allow for image requests that are longer than 2,083 characters in length.


Here is what Google is doing:


Release 2011-03 (March 30, 2011)

This release contains updates and one new feature.

POST support:

The tracking code can now send much larger tracking beacons. Traditionally, beacons have been sent via HTTP GET requests, which are limited to 2048 characters by some browsers and proxies. Requests over this limit were dropped and the data never reached Google Analytics. Starting with this release, requests longer than 2048 characters will be sent via HTTP POST, which has no such limit. The tracking code will now support beacons up to 8192 characters.


Adobe should follow suit - seems like a no-brainer if the technology is there. This would reduce the need for Dynamic Variables as well!

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This is solved with AppMeasurement 1.4.1 and the visitor ID service.