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IAB Bot List Segment in Analytics


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We are currently weighing whether to enable the IAB bot filtering functionality in Analytics (this is a communication challenge internally - as a B2B media company, we often quote traffic numbers in sales materials, and these numbers will obviously be impacted).


Some of the primary downsides of enabling IAB filtering functionality include:


  • no solid estimate of how enabling filter will impact traffic numbers
  • loss of the ability to accurately measure year-over-year growth

If a segment were available in Analytics that allowed us to either exclude or isolate bots, we'd be able to address both of the above concerns. The segment would obviously need to be regularly updated to keep up to date with the IAB list.



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+1,000,000! Enabling bot filtering out of the gate is a big step, and being able to apply a segment to "preview" or analyze impact from bots is huge.


Honestly, if it's a report that is available in Adobe Analytics - Reports & Analytics, I should be able to segment on the values in that report.


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There is so much opportunity for improvement with bot filtering in Adobe, and the IAB filters are way too much of a black box. Here's a related "idea" that I posted about just yesterday: Adding Bot Name as a dimension in Data Warehouse:


http://ideas.omniture.com/t5/Idea-Exchange-for-Adobe/Add-Bot-Name-as-an-available-Dimensio n-in-Data-Warehouse/idi-p/14043